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Beach Recycling (Duration 2 to 3 weeks)

28th February 2017

Overnight storms are predicted for the next two nights, which also coincide with the top of the next spring tides.  Although severe erosion is not expected, machines are being brought in so as to be ready to repair any damage caused.  Although the worst of the weather will be gone by early Thursday morning, it is likely to take 2-3 weeks to restore the entire frontage.

Emergency Recycling (Duration 2-3 weeks)

21st November 2016

Storm Angus resulted in overnight erosion along most of the frontage. A recycling team was mobilised on Sunday 20th to arrive on site and start work on Monday 21st November. All areas need to be covered so that the whole beach can be reinstated ahead of the next big spring tides in mid-December.

Beach Recycling (Duration 2-3 weeks)

24th October 2016

The first period of recycling ahead of winter will start on Monday 24th October. Work will start at Sovereign Harbour and White Horses using two dump trucks.  As the week progresses, machines will gradually move eastward, doing relatively small amounts of work at Grey Towers, Leyland Cottage, Beachlands and Normans Bay before eventually reaching Herbrand Walk and Cooden.  During the second part of these works it is likely that an additional two dump trucks will join the team as the haulage distance increase.  Current weather forecasts are favourable, so it is hoped to complete this pahse in two to three weeks, although plans may change if the weather deteriorates.

Sovereign Harbour Bypassing (Duration 2 weeks)

10th October 2016

Shingle has continued to build up on the southern side of Sovereign Harbour all summer. The end bay north of groyne 94 is now almost full, so needs to be reduced before the first storms of autumn have the opportunity to push the shingle past the rock spur and towards the harbour entrance. As increasing amounts of shingle are expected to arrive from Eastbourne, it is likely that this work phase will need to be repeated on two or three occasions through the winter.

Annual Beach Recharge (Duration 1 week)

8th September 2016

It seems as though summer has a few more days (weeks?) to go before the arrival of autumn, so we have no plans to reintroduce machines to the beach just yet. If we can get past the 8m tides on 19/20th September, they may not be needed until October.

In the meantime Sospan Dau is due to be leaving dry dock in Holland where she has been undergoing maintenance, and heading for Sussex. First port of call I believe will be Pevensey Bay where we will have around 10,000m3 of shingle added to the beach at Sovereign Harbour.

In early October she will be working in Eastbourne for around two weeks supplying shingle either side of the pier. There is already a build-up of beach west of the marina, so there will be an inevitable restart of road lorries moving shingle round the harbour in early October before storms can wash it into the harbour entrance.

Work finishes for Winter 2015-16

22nd April 2016

The final bulldozer left the beach today, and hopefully will not have to return until autumn. As usual additional supplies of shingle are required at Sovereign Harbour to replace sediment lost during the winter. News as to when this is expected to happen will be provided during the summer.

Beach Recycling (Duration 2 to 3 weeks)

24th March 2016

Storms predicted for Easter weekend will inevitably have some effect on Pevensey's beaches.  With the next series of 8mCD spring tides only two weeks away, a recycling team is already on site and waiting to start work again on Tuesday 29th March.  Over the coming two to three weeks, it is likley that work will be done along the entire frontage, although initially likley to commence in the east and work west.

Sovereign Harbour Bypassing (Duration unknown)

24th February 2016

Bypassing of surplus shingle from south of Sovereign Harbour has taken on epic proportions.  Premier Marinas' contractor removed over 15,000cu.m of shingle from inside the harbour, far more than anticipated. With groyne bays completely full between Langney Outfall and the harbour, as fast is sediment is removed from the beach it is being replaced, hence the operation is going on a lot longer than expected.  However, if the beach is not cleared of surplus shingle, it will quickly be driven round into the harbour.

Sovereign Harbour Bypassing (Duration 3 weeks)

1st February 2016

Bypassing of surplus shingle from south of Sovereign Harbour has started today and is likely to continue for three weeks. Included in this period will the recovery of beach that has been driven round the end of the southern breakwater where it has formed a spit on the inside of the outer harbour. Although this work is technically being done by Premier Marinas, we are working in cooperation with them to ensure that it is done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Forecasts for the next week or so suggest that strong westerly winds are set to remain dominant. This means that more shingle may arrive from Eastbourne as fast as it is taken away. Therefore it is possible that either works will go on beyond three weeks, or may have to resume in March. It is interesting to note that each of the last three months has been significantly windier than the same months in 2013-14, so it is of no surprise that a lot of shingle needs to be moved.

Beach Recycling (Duration 3 weeks)

11th January 2016

Although there is still plenty of shingle arriving on the south side of the marina, bypassing has temporarily stopped to allow three weeks of recycling to take place in Pevensey Bay. Work will start at Sovereign Harbour with two trucks, before machines head to Cooden on Monday 18th January. Thereafter sediment will be moved to Herbrand Walk, Normans Bay and Beachlands, before ending up back at the harbour towards the end of the month.

Sovereign Harbour Bypassing (Duration 1 week)

4th January 2016

Despite works in October, shingle continues to build up on the south side of Sovereign Harbour, so needs to be transferred round the marina. Works will start on Monday 4th January and last for one week.

Beach Recycling (Duration 2 to 3 weeks)

23rd November 2015

Although November has seen some significant storm activity, most avoided the highest spring tides.  There was however a lot of shingle movement from in front of the beach crest, and thius needs to be addressed before the second set of spring tides at the end of the month.  Works will be required throughout the frontage, and with more storms expected, it is likely that works will continue well into December.

Phase Two of 2015 Recharge

21st October 2015

Although September was generally a calm month, a prolonged spell of easterly winds meant that dredger Sospan Dau could not complete delivering all 20,000 cubic meters of shingle required at Sovereign Harbour. Having now completed other works in the Bristol Channel, she is now due back on Saturday 24th October to start delivery of the outstanding 8 loads.

Sovereign Harbour Bypassing (Duration 1 week)

19th October 2015

Shingle has been building up on the south side of Sovereign Harbour over the summer, so needs to be transferred round the marina before it lost into the harbour entrance. Works will start on Monday 19th October and last for one week.

Beach Recycling (Duration up to 3 weeks)

28th September 2015

The first recycle of autumn starts today, and initially will focus on Cooden and Herbrand Walk.  By Wednesday four dumptrucks will be running shingle from Cooden to the area by Herbrand Walk level crossing and 'Deloram'.  Subsequently work will be done at Normans Bay East, Beachlands and Leyland Road, before finishing up towards Sovereign Harbour.

Start of 2015 Recharge

16th September 2015

Sospan Dau has now arrived on the Sussex coast and once the weather settles down towards the end of the week, will start delivering 20,000 cubic meters of shingle to Sovereign Harbour. The first load is expected on Saturday 19th September, with works expected to take between two and three weeks.

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